Dentelles de Montmirail

Montmirail represent a place of interest for promenade close to home.
Having received the family in August , I had the idea to go there. We start to climb on straight footpaths in aromatic plants, oaks and other shrubs ... Then bare rock appears. What a pleasure to climb on the rocks ! But how hot under the sun of August ! Montmirail should be avoided if it is too hot or too wet ... because the trails get a little slippery.

Mount Ventoux, which rises to 1911m, brings a real freshness in summer ! I have memories of pleasant picnic at the gates of Mont Ventoux. In addition, you can then walk behind the mountain surrounded by fields of lavender. You will enjoy typical Provencal landscapes where colors intermingle with odors : Magic !

Attention ! When the Tour de France is the ascent of Mont Ventoux , tourists are numerous.

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